The Best Trekking Destinations In South India To Experience Nature

South India is not just a majestic destination for impressive architectures and temples, its vast wildlife along with rich tea and coffee estates are also major tourist attractions. The hilly terrains and jungle slopes attract adventure enthusiasts to explore the wilder side of Southern India.

Trekking in Kerala and other parts of South India is one of the adventurous activities undertaken by seasoned and first-time trekkers alike. Trekking expeditions in southern parts of India are very different from that of the Himalayan treks. The Himalayan treks are mostly undertaken by seasoned hikers and pose a great risk of life. However, ‘southern’ treks are mostly for leisure with low to moderate risks involved.  

Here are some of the best trekking destinations in South India to plan your trek this year –

  • Peermede (Kerala) 

Tourists visit Peermede to explore the place’s ethereal beauty. But, it is also a popular destination for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle cycling, etc. Trekking in Kerala is incomplete without exploring the rugged slopes of Peermede and experiencing the rare flora and fauna.

Do not forget to swim in the Vagamon falls and take paragliding lessons. Only 4 hours from Peeru hills, Peermede is a jungle trekker’s paradise. Now, although the risks are low in hiking this area, still a trek cover Pocket Insurance scheme from Bajaj Finserv can provide coverage against mishaps and unforeseen accidents. This trekking insurance also covers financial setbacks like a misplaced wallet or an extended trip itinerary. You can safeguard your money by blocking all the lost debit and credit cards with one quick call.

  • Kodachadri (Karnataka)

Situated in the Shimonga district of Karnataka, Kodachadri has one of the most adventurous trails in southern India. Trekking here demands intense fitness level, this is one of the longest trails in India. Surrounded by Ganesh caves, Hindlumane Falls and Belakuttu Teertha – Kodachadri offers a bit of all.

However, remember to have the forest department permission well in advance. Do not forget to avail a trekking travel insurance scheme to get financial coverage against – theft or loss of baggage or hospitalisation from accidents. You can consider availing a Backpacking Travel Insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv. 

  • Chembra Peak, Wayanad (Kerala)

The highest peak of Wayanad, Chembra is one of the most sought-after places for trekking in Kerala. Stretches of barren trails and occasional lakes, Chembra is a challenging but picturesque trek right through the tip of the Western Ghats. The best part of this trek is once you reach the summit. From the Chembra peak, you can view the entire district of Wayanad. Nature lovers are mostly attracted to this trail for the mesmerising native beauty of Kerala.

However, this trek takes a lot of time – anywhere from 14-17 days. Hence, if you are leaving your home for such a prolonged time, it is best to take a domestic holiday cover offered by Bajaj Finserv. It provides financial coverage against – home burglary, quick smartphone replacement and emergency travel assistance. You can also consider booking the travel insurance online before embarking on the trip. It will cover accidental damage or loss of luggage or emergency flight tickets if you are stranded plus more.

Trekking expeditions in the grasslands of Peermede, rugged terrains of Chembra and the rainforests of Kodachadri are exciting for all adventure enthusiasts and tourists alike. With a comprehensive trekking insurance cover, you can now explore these beautiful places without any worries.