Plant dieta

The Types of Plant Dieta Used in Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Peru

Plants have immense benefits on human life. Half of our lungs is hanging out there on the plants. So, we are dependent on them. In the amazon basin, there are master plants which are sown by all the shamans out there and they have immense medicinal benefits. A plant dieta is also known as shamanic dieta is a sctrict, complex, and rigorous system through which maestra or the teacher provides sacred knowledge to his or her students. Master healers use master plat diet to heal others. In shamanic tradition, a diet is the central part of healing.

How does the Plant dieta work in ayahuasca ceremony?

In the Ayahuasca ceremony Peru the participants have to spend time without talking. Any outside stimulation is not allowed during the ceremony. The participants have to restrain from listening to music and sexual activities. Only yoga, walking, creative work, meditation, etc are preferred to be done while you are in the ceremony. The ceremony enables you to be in contact with the spirit of the healing plants.

Type of master plant dieta used in ayahuasca ceremonies

Bobinsana dieta

This plant is also known as calliandra angustifolia. This grows around 4 to 6 meters. The people of amazon have been using this plant for thousands of years. This plant is used to make you sensitive enough to feel empathy and love. Once this plant is given to you, you will be able to create boundaries against oppressive energies.

Chiric sanango

This beautiful purple colored flower grows in amazon basin. The plant is used to heal your heart. It can be used to sharp your brain. To strengthen the dietero’s bones there is no better plant than chiric sanango. The plant warms up the body and the mind.

Marosa dieta

Have you experienced a chattering mind and not able to control the situation? It’s because you have a nervous system which is out of your control. To restore the nervous system and bring it down to ease this plant is used.

Noya rao dieta

It is one of the commonly known trees from amazon medical plant. In shipibo tradition, this plant has been in use for a long time. This plant is considered to be an integral part if you want to become a healer.

Ayahuma dieta

Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial property, these plants possess immense power of healing. The plant can grow 55 meters tall and helps to gain wisdom and resilience by releasing past emotion and trauma. Our mind stores all the conscious and unconscious information. But this plant helps to have control over it.


In this world of obstacles and hurdles getting irksome in a period of time is natural. But, our mind functions at its best when its in a relaxed state. So, healing yourself after a period gap gives you immense balance and joy in your life. There are numerous healing centers available where periodically ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted. Plant dieta can’t be ignored in traditional ayahuasca healing ceremonies. It is the best in its own way. It will help you to bring balance and clarity of thoughts.

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