Things To Be Aware About Male As Well As Female Infertility

Things To Be Aware About Male As Well As Female Infertility

Male along with female infertility is a common trend in the modern days. If you tend to feel that there is a problem within you or your partner,you should go on to understand the reasons for the same.

What are the causes of male and female infertility?

When it is the case of male infertility is caused by various factors. Fromthe conception to happen it is necessary that healthy as well as quality sperm needs to be produced. The sperm has to be so strong that it needs to reach the egg. So, it does need good motility. If the sperms are not of good quality, then the chances of pregnancy occurring are pretty less. The main reason is that the sperm is not formed properly and before it reaches the egg it dies. This is one of the reasons on why the top sperm banks in Mumbai have emerged as they provide the perfect opportunity for childless couples to conceive.

In the case of a women, they need to have healthy eggs, along with fallopian blockage free tubes, that will pave way for conception. When it is the case of female infertility it does involve ovulation disorder as healthy eggs are needed to reach out to the sperm. Any type of fertility can also occur due to genetic disorders which can go on to cause damage due to the reproductive systems.

In fact, both these types of fertility can be treated by a host of methods and with the advice of a host of medical doctors. The gynaecologist is the first point contact for female infertility and when it is the case of men they need to get in touch with a urologist. Once the exact cause is determined, then the cause of treatment can begin.

Some of the facts about male fertility.

Most people are of the opinion that fertility is a problem which goes on to affect woman. But what has been observed is that half the cases of fertility arise due to male fertility. So, it is important to analyse the various causes of male fertility before you proceed ahead.

The main reason for male fertility taking place is because zero sperm production might occur. This is known as azooospermia. There might also be a condition where few sperm might also be present and both these factors do have an impact with regards to conception. In addition to this there can be problems which can have an impact on the structure of the sperm

It is indeed important to understand the fact that both male along with female can have infertility issues. The problem is not with the woman, and it is suggested that a male goes on to get a fertility test done in the first place.

In the case of male fertility test, it is conducted with the help of   a sample which is provided through masturbation. This is the same manner by which the list of sperm banks in Mumbai do operate. This is conducted in the privacy of your own home or a private clinic. After the test is conducted, the sperm is sent to a lab where the quality of the sperm is being tested. The count is of importance and the chances of it making a lady pregnant are figured out.

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