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Tips to choose the best distributor for iPhone repair parts

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus are popular phones among youngsters. If you run a phone repair shop, you already know it. Well, are you in search of a wholesale supplier who can supply you a better iPhone X Screen Assembly than your current supplier does? Have you ever tried to check your distributor’s products and services on certain parameters?

You need a genuine wholesale distributor for your repair shop who can supply good iPhone X parts to you. Reliable repair parts like iPhone Screen Assembly, iPhone 8 charging port Flex, iPhone 8 Home Button Flex Assembly are hard to find and you need some tips that will help you in choosing the right distributor.

Let’s get started –

  • Does your distributor gives an additional discount on bulk orders?

Ask your iPhone parts distributors if you will be given an additional discount if you choose to buy repair parts in bulk. To check the discount related information, you can visit the ‘Pricing and discount’ section on the distributor’s website. You can also contact the sales executive directly to know more about the discount on bulk orders.

  • Does your distributor have secure payment methods?

Security is a major reason why some people hesitate to do online payment. Ask your distributor if they save the credit card details when someone pays through online. If you still feel insecure about online payments, you can pay over the phone.

  • Does your distributor perform quality checks on the iPhone parts?

The distributors perform tests like in-house QC check on every part they sell to ensure that the parts are of high quality. They then pack your orders properly for shipment to ensure that your order reaches safe. Some iPhone 8 plus parts distributors recommend their customers to perform Dead on Arrival (DOA) testing and give you the facility to claim if you got damaged parts or the parts are not working properly. This is something that every customer wants. Some distributor also shares tips on how you can quickly test your parts before installation. Some distributors may suggest proper testing procedures for iPhones. You must check the distributor’s website, you will get some installation tips.

  • Does your distributor provide warranties on iPhone parts you buy?

Always look for the wholesale distributor who can provide a warranty on iPhone X parts. The warranty period may differ from distributor to distributor, but you will get a warranty of at least one month on every repair parts. Some distributors may provide you a three-month warranty.

  • Does your distributor take shipping charge even if you purchase in bulk?

Buying repair parts in bulk amounts can be beneficial for you. To save some dollars, you can consider placing your order above a certain threshold. This threshold could be $250 or $300 or more, depend on the distributor. Check the shipment related information before placing your order.

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