Top 3 Things You Must Not Miss In T Nagar, Chennai

A vacation is long waited for by every Indian, who is tired by the monotonous, backbreaking and tedious lifestyle. If you too are planning for a big break, then this time, visit the land of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is sure that Chennai won’t fail to appease you in every manner. Let us see, what this city has in store for you, apart from its famous places to trot in.

There are many modes to reach Chennai. If you are traveling from a far off state, then it is best suited to opt for the airway or the railway. Chennai International Airport is 7 km from the main city. A number of national and international flights run to and fro the city, via this airport. If you are coming from Hyderabad, as is the case with most of the people coming to Chennai, then check for the Hyderabad to Chennai flight timings, in advance and look for the discounts, pouring in on various sites. If you want to save some bucks, then go for the rail route. The Chennai Central and the Chennai Egmore are the two main railway stations, nearest to the main city. However, if you are coming from a nearby city, then choose the best suited among the bus transport, a cab or your own car. CMBT is one of the Asia’s largest bus stations located in Chennai, connecting the city to cities like Coimbatore and Puducherry. The roadway is hassle free to take your own car and drive your way to Chennai.

Let us delve deeper into the realms of this amazing city, which has stood the test of times and continues to woo the hearts of its tourists.

If you are striving for scrumptious south Indian dishes, all the way to Chennai, then pay a visit to Murugan Idli Shop, in T nagar. The hot and delicious idlis served by the restaurant is bound to woo your heart, and make you crave for more and more. The Sambhar is hot and mouthwatering, and how can one forget the tasty coconut chutney served along with it. This restaurant will make you fall in love with the South Indian cuisine and will call you over and over again. Also try the masala dosa served here, and other dishes, which are equally good.

Having talked of T Nagar, how can one not mention the popular and the most adored Marina Beach! The world’s second largest beach is a must visit for all those you travel to Chennai. The most quintessential place in Chennai, this beach is best suited for all those you wish to seek some heart rendering time, amidst the nature. The beach is dotted with quite a many fortune tellers, who will eagerly wish to read your fortune. The Lighthouse here is a beautiful sight to see at night, especially on a starry night. Not only this, you can dig into some of the delicious seafood served here. Personify your evenings by visiting this popular beach of Chennai.

Another highlight of T Nagar is the Kapaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Get ready to be taken aback by the astounding and intricate architecture of this colourful temple. The insides of the temple are so peaceful, that they will pacify your hearts to the core. Take your souls to a spiritual journey, worshiping the Lord and his entire family, who are housed there in the form of beautiful idols.