Traditional or Modern? 10 Timeless Classics To Mould Your Victorian Home

Always wondered how to make your Victorian house’s features stand out more? Confused whether you need to stay true to it or go for more contemporary pieces? Here are few options that let you explore both routes for the same room!

If you are going house-hunting, one of your top priorities is usually Victorian houses. This is hardly surprising because Victorian houses are not only made of sturdy material and can stand the test of time, but it also comes with some of the most beautiful and intricate work on your crown mouldings, kitchen worktops, and even huge windows to let in that natural sunlight and breeze in.

While it is difficult and expensive to find completely authentic Victorian houses anymore, you can surely find many with a lot of the original woodwork and stones in place. When it becomes a matter of going traditional or modern, here are ten ways in which you can retain these Victorian features in both the traditional and modern ways at your homes.

  • Authentic floors

Many of the Victorian houses have exposed floorboards which can easily get broken and splintered as time goes on. Instead of completely replacing it and spending a lot of money on it, you can use normal wood for the same and get it painted. It’s cheaper on the pocket, and the desired effect remains the same.

  • Modern floors

If you are looking to replace the wood, you can do the above option or go for a more modern look with engineered wooden floors. It will look great and more uniform. These are also useful when using in places like bathrooms as they can absorb water easily.

  • Victorian bathrooms

If you are looking for pastel tiles, bright shiny metal supports and a lot of marble, Victorian bathrooms are definitely the right choice for you. While many homes come with the same, you can always find Victorian styles for your bathroom easily.

  • Minimal bathrooms

If you want your bathrooms to look a little more chic, you can exchange the nickel bearings for brass and add a more sombre tone to instantly change the tone of the washroom while keeping the appliances the same.

  • Ceilings

Your Victorian homes will have the perfect type of ceilings and crown mouldings. If you want to highlight this, you can split the walls into two major colours. Not only will you be keeping in tone with the age, the mouldings will certainly capture everyone’s attention.

  • Moulding shelves

Another way to use low running mouldings is to use them as natural racks and shelves. They will be unique and give you more space to add your contemporary style alongside too!

  • Kitchens

A big, airy kitchen is the dream! Don’t get rid of the shaker cabinets and make sure you add a lot of wooden and brass accessories to give your kitchen that old-world charm!

  • Sleek worktops

Go for more minimal kitchen worktops from London but retain that old-world feel with a chandelier or really shiny appliances!

  • Old fireplaces

Jazz up the original fireplace at home by giving it that wooden framework and painting it completely white! The surrounding colours certainly make up for it.

  • Wooden stoves

If you still want to have a chimney and fireplace, convert it into a proper wooden stove complete with the metal pipes and more!

With so many options, you can seamlessly integrate the classic and the modern into one thanks to all the features available in the Victorian houses!

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