What Is The Significance Of The Number Of Blades In A Fan

Hardly any of the commoners have given it a thought that even the number of blades in a fan can have its possible significance and reason? Perhaps not, but now it’s time to think deeper about this question. The number of blades can affect several mechanizations in the functioning of a fan.

How can the number of blades change anything in your fan?

What Is The Significance Of The Number Of Blades In A Fan

There is a strong misconception among people that more the number of blades in a fan, the more air will be generated. However, that is certainly not true. Therefore to break the false stories and know the truth following points have been attached:

  • Although not the number, but the generation of the airflow definitely depends upon the size of the blade. The larger the blade more is the circulation and hence better flow of air.
  • The fans which have five blades are considerably more stable as compared to the ones with lesser blades. And talking about the ceiling fan, since the stability matters a lot so this can be quite a wise option to choose from.
  • Fans having three blades mainly reduce the manufacturing cost thus making it cost effective on the customer’s pocket and therefore more people opt for this instead of others.
  • With a greater number of blades, the fans can move slower as compared to those with lesser number of blades. Hence, there is less turbulence followed by less noise.

Other concerned reasons

While fans that have more number of blades are capable of moving greater air, they also consume more power, and therefore, can be a little tight on the pockets of the buyer. The fans having three blades are lighter and often preferred in comparison to those with four or five blades. Two blade fans have the ability to demonstrate minimum valuation of torque. Therefore, the motor used in these fans require minimum power as well which indirectly refers to the lasting capacity of the fan, similarly, fans with more number of blades have a maximum value of torque, and thus the motor consumes more power. Such fans do not last long and are prone to easy damage because of overload on the circuit.

What Is The Significance Of The Number Of Blades In A Fan


If the fan in your house has lesser number of blades, then one thing must be kept in mind that due to more number of rotations – the fans become noisier than usual and not liked by many. While it is true that the rotation in two blade ceiling fans is way more which often makes them noisy, simultaneously it is also true that the six blade fans become very expensive for everyone to afford. Therefore, to avoid any such confusion three blade fans prove to be quite effective. There are also some reputed brands where more number of blades is often added for a unique design to the appearance and for no purpose at all. So you can check them out in this link.

Which one to choose – the solution to the big question

It has been scientifically proved that fans with three blades are the most efficient because their cooling power is quite fast when put to comparison with others. While the range of sir distribution varies greatly when it comes to two or six blade fans, those with two blades are moderate and user-friendly on such occasions. Firstly, one thing might be noted that various nations use a variety of fans and because of specific significances related to them. Therefore, that must be kept in mind before purchasing any fan that you like randomly. Other things such as money, power consumption, cooling capacity etc also need to be considered and only then bought wisely.

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