What To See If You Have 24 Hours To Tour Jaipur

Jaipur is an old royal city with a strong and checkered history that often makes it envied by the other historic cities of India. It is the place where lived the mighty Rajputs and filled the city with their opulence and might. This vacation head to the historic city and spend a wonderful vacation.

Jaipur is the “desert capital of India” and likewise called the “Pink City”. A considerable count of backpackers throng to this city to look at its attractions, structures, havelis, and other tourism magnets. This is the spot with regal legacy and a modern yet old culture. Starting from a fun hot air balloon to strolling through the avenues, this city has everything for a wide range of explorers. Touring the city and completely enjoying it will certainly take an entire lifetime, however, if you are constrained with time, here are some fun things that you can do in 24 hours:

Jaigarh Fort

Situated within the walking distance from the iconic Amber Fort, there is the impressive Jaigarh Fort, which has a great deal of watch starting from watchtowers to cannon on wheel and other military structures belonging to the medieval era. It is one of the largest and oldest forts in the country and housing a large set of monuments and relics.

Amber Fort and  Amber Palace

It would take only 30 minutes to drive if you are at the centre of the city to Amber Fort. From beautiful gardens to revered Hindu temples, the fort has everything to appreciate such that your visit is like a fairy tale. Some would hold this fascination for their night touring as the mahals and Jaleb Chowk would look interesting when they are lit up.

Peacock  Door of City Palace

If you are in Amber Fort, there are a number buses and taxis that can take you from Amber Fort to City Palace in a short interval of time. Visit the spot where the wealthiest illustrious group of India is living. It is worth to begin your tour from the lovely Peacock Gate to the Moon Palace. The place is an unquestionable must-watch, especially the Moon Palace Museum. Try not to miss the exhibit of imperial pieces of clothing and weapons.

Jantar Mantar

Somewhat far from Hawa Mahal, still accessible on foot from Hawa Mahal, you will find the eighteenth century observatory. It has a great deal of figures and structures which measure time, beginning of tracks, and furthermore predicts the eclipse as well. The must watch is the massive sundial, called Samrat Yantra.

Monkey Temple

As the sun starts to set down; go toward the eastern side of the city close to the Agra Road. Take auto rickshaw to get to the sun temple before the dusk. You can watch a great deal of monkeys in the area, often going to the lake there for showering. You can appreciate the architecture which is now pretty much in ruins.


It is an elephant ranch that was started in the year 2012. It is a must visit tourist spot as it provides you with opportunities that you have probably not done before, like you can wash and feed the elephants and learn a ton about them. You can likewise go for elephant safaris in the field. Journeys by Jukaso reviews

Hawa Mahal

Exceptionally close to City Palace, you can locate the eighteenth century royal residence which has lines and lines of windows. Wind continually flows into the royal residence giving its name, as Hawa means wind. However, with the passage of time the majority of the windows are sealed, yet the structural magnificence is still the same. You can get an all encompassing perspective of the entire city from the highest point of the royal residence.

Lately there is an increase in the frequency of tourists from Delhi visiting Jaipur. It is perfect weekend getaway for the Delhites. There is an easy availability of Delhi to Jaipur cab, thus making it easy and comfortable to cover the distance.

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