Why Companies Should Take MS Excel Assessment Test

If you are a recruiter, you definitely need to take interviews. MS Excel is the essential part of to assess your probable employees’ skills. There are companies who can take MS Excel assessment test on behalf of you to find out the best employee for your company.

These companies provide sample questions, Excel practice tests, advice and suitable tips so that existing employees, as well as new ones, can do their best in such tests. Why do job seekers need to take MS Excel assessment test? Today, many agencies or companies make their candidates take this test as an important part of employment. This test helps to assess the ability of the candidates to work on MS Excel on various software level. The test can be taken as multiple-choice or interactive one.

Certain Essential facts about MS Excel Assessment Test

If it is an interactive test, you will need to show your knowledge of Excel software. You will be asked to perform different tasks on Excel spreadsheet. If you are having a multiple-choice test, you don’t need to work on actual excel sheet. Rather, here you need to have detail information about the software. You have to make in-depth preparation as this often gets confusing for the pro.In several companies, Excel assessment test is taken as a series of test which is compulsory for the candidates while applying for the job.

Levels of Excel Test

There are certain levels of this assessment test that the candidates need to get through. Here are the essential levels of Excel test-

  • The Basic Test- Usually, this test is designed for the clerical posts. The topics of this test are mainly simple Excel functions, managing common commands, like formatting the layout or the cells, printing the document, etc.
  • The Intermediate Level- This is basically the combination of the basic and advanced level. One has to have strong basic knowledge of updated advanced training.
  • The Advanced Test- Here, the candidates must have knowledge of macro creation, filtering, pivot table, SumIf, concatenate and Vlookup.

If you want to crack such test, there are websites, where you can learn the type of test and also get preparation stuff to do better. They also offer practice session if the test format is new and unknown. Such practice will help candidates to prepare well for the actual test.

Basic Tips for MS Excel Assessment Test

  • Often candidates assume that answering the multiple-choice can be easier than interactive tests as you get options there. But, as the former type requires detail knowledge about the software, it can be difficult sometimes.
  • There are companies which will take your test on their own questions. Here, you need something more than general knowledge.
  • The test is taken on a variety of topics. Therefore, it is quite possible that you get a completely different set than your friends. So, you should practice thoroughly and cover up all theories.

Taking MS Excel Assessment test won’t be difficult when you go through a proper tutorial and prepare yourself for the next one.

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