Why Men Play Video Games For Hours And Stop Being Social?

Many people are actually big video games nerds, although they are not willing confess. Their favourites could be first person shooter, role playing games, real time strategy or MMORPG. There could be times when we forgot to call our friends back, because we are too absorbed in a favourite video game. Almost each day, we check latest news on video games and each week we could find a newly released game that looks really fun to play. Many guys are really into video games. These games often provide them with a structure related to goal and achievement. It may seem require a high level of focus. As we are attempting to move to higher levels, we could start lose ourselves.

There are clearly some aspects of aggression when we play video games. We may blow things up, shoot people and in games with advanced physics implementations, wreak havoc on the whole landscape. We could do these things without being caught by the police. In fact, it could sound weird that many guys actually passed up an opportunity to interact with girls and girlfriends just to find excitements with video games. In reality, men actually reach a point where interacting with women is no longer associated with a sense of achievement. This could become something that they could sacrifice. In fact, these people could turn down the actual offer of being with women.

It doesn’t mean that men don’t have enough opportunity to interact with women. They could actually get with women, but with video games added to the equation; they only have enough time to sleep and eat. They could also be a bit late on school or work deadline, that they have the time to do it all. In this case, it is obvious that men can get a few extra hours of the day. For younger guy, interacting with girls could feel like a higher priority. Older men would be more concerned in maintaining or enhancing their lifestyle. They could also look for well-deserved perks in their jobs and this could be achieved by working harder.

Men are also concerned with quality of life issues and they could have problems adjusting. It is often considered as counterproductive to stay at home for hours playing game. It could be seen as a better thing to get out and try to be more social. This could be a good argument, especially if we play action and FPS games that are essentially anti-social.

Regardless of the obvious fact, many men still want to stay at home and play games for hours. This could be explained with the fact that men could have defined specific objectives with their games. They have a handful of new ideas at their disposal that can be implemented with the game. As a whole, this could sound like rather overwhelming if we don’t continue playing the game. When playing games, we constantly try to progress to the next level. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Once we get there, we could face many new exciting challenges.

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