Why Plastic Coating Is Better!

For a product to be user friendly as well as popular in the markets, it also needs to be durable, sturdy and give value for money, and plasticizing is therefore the way to go forward. Let’s see how:

Long lasting Products:

As long as a particular product is both physically and stylistically durable, it is meant to be an absolute hit. All it needs is to be able to resist damage by water, heat and stress. One should be able to walk out in the rain without thinking about what’s in the hand or in the pocket. Similarly. One should be able to walk in the sun or get a tan on the beach without fearing if they’re precious plastic key tags or cards will melt or get disfigured.

Flexibility of Design

You can choose from so many designs that you will go crazy with delight. An easy to reinforce material, while you’re testing the product for physical stability, and strengthening parts that are most likely to fail first, you can also inculcate design specifications that suit you with as much freedom as you’d like. The best part is that an Autodesk software will allow you to make a 3D digital prototype and analyse not only your design as well as its probable performance, but also the design, how it will look, and a plausible customer reaction.

The Versatility

Plastic products like  key tags can serve as keeps for fitness centres, lockers, guitar pucks, bags, kid ministries, retail stores, and so much more! These tags are not only durable, they also tick all the right boxes of resistance and strength as well. They can be personalised to no particular avail with barcodes, stickers, holograms, numbers and initials as well! How cool it would be to own a key tag with your own logo on it? Another amazing product is a plastic coated gift card, which says and conveys some very important feelings in the most immortal way possible! These cards never go bad, and symbolize the longevity of your sincere feelings with their long lasting structure, form and shelf life! If you are looking to keep customers happy with your gift cards, plastic coating them is the best way for you to go forward!

Save the Environment

Things like paper menus get ruined by the hour. Do you know how many trees are shelled every hour to make paper? If you use plastic menus, not only are you cutting out costs for yourself, you are actually contributing to saving the environment! Water proof, fire proof, stain proof and eco-damage proof- what else could you ask for?


When you confine something to a plastic cover, it’s overall volume gets decreased as a result of which it ends up using much less space than you’d expect it to. This conveniently reduces your storage costs and helps you also utilize space effectively. For example, paper that has been plastic coated can be neatly piled and stored, gift cards can be stacked in cardboard boxes without any spoilage, etc.

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