Why Video Games Are So Exciting And Work Is Not?

It is obvious that video games are used as distractions after a hard work. In general, we know that video games are more fun and they are able to convey a great deal of information. In general, an activity won’t become mentally burdensome, if we are totally occupied with it. In general, people are more likely to be “in the flow” when they are playing games, but they can’t achieve the same state when working. The direct effect of game is that it promotes excitement.

Even if we are not feeling happy, games seem to be magical enough to put a smile on our face. In fact, many distressed people spend hours playing video games to avoid feeling sad and frustrated. It is clear that the “flow” promotes growth. In games, this can be represented by improvements in gaming skills or in details of the virtual characters. People who are in the flow while working will also experience improvements in productivity, experience and skill.

Understanding why games are more entertaining and exciting than work can challenging, but it could be explained in different ways:

  • The activity shouldn’t be too difficult or too complex. High degree of complexity and difficulty will raise anxiety, causing us to drop out of the flow.
  • The activity shouldn’t be too simple. People could also be drop out of the flow state if they become bored.
  • The activity should allow you to understand things that you should do next. In this case, it is important for us to ponder or pause about our next move. However, uncertainty could cause frustration and could be thrown out of the flow.
  • The activity should provide us with immediate feedback. In this case, we should know that we are doing well. As an example, if we are doing something good, appropriate feedback will be given. Lack of interactivity will put us out of the flow.

It is clear that games are able to fulfil these details quite easily, but not with our work. If it is too challenging, too boring, too uncertain and too unresponsive; we could find work unexciting.

In this case, we should know about things that can put us in a satisfying state. People are seeking out a state that can put them in the flow. People gravitate towards things that can put them in the flow. In our work, we often don’t get immediate feedback or get unbalanced feedback. Harsh responses can be given when we do something wrong and rewards are not given when we do something good. As comparison, games provide instant feedback.

We should look for ways, so works can mimic the characteristics of games. In this case, we would be able to feel more excited while working. Video games are considered as a major form of entertainment and they could provide us valuable lessons to help us boost our productivity in many situations.

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