You Can’t Live Anywhere Else if you’ve stayed in Mumbai – Here Are the Reasons Why

Boasting of top-notch amenities and world-class architecture, Mumbai has an allure and personality of its own. From endlessly hogging on delicious vada paavs to going for long drives along Colaba, from unwinding at city’s sunset spots to spending the day in a shack, Mumbai is best known as the city that never sleeps and rightly so! Even during the wee hours, you will find a company on the roads of Mumbai. 

Being the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is a city that can guarantee the best living experience. It is a place where nook and corner is riddled in rich history and culture and where each street has a story to tell. Whether one prefers luxury apartments or commercial plots, the city embraces all. And once you have lived in the city, there’s no turning back. Here are the reasons why:

The City of Many Colours

Mumbai shines bright in terms of unity in diversity. From “Bombaiya Hindi” to Marathi, all sorts of languages are spoken here. When it comes to festivals, all religious sects come together to celebrate each festival with equal pomp and pride. Besides, Mumbai is also the most fertile ground for fine arts. Moreover, there are poetry slams, opera theatres, museums and art galleries galore in Mumbai. It’s no surprise why some of the foremost artistic icons of India hail from Mumbai. The Mayanagri is also home to the biggest celebrities of Bollywood.

Where Urban, Suburban, and Nature Meets

There are often times when one needs to break away from the monotony of everyday life. No matter how you want to live and unwind, Mumbai has an option ready. With the best of beaches, parks, art galleries and museums, getting bored is never an option in Mumbai.  If North Bombay fails to impress you, South Bombay beckons you to revel in its Victorian-era architecture and gulp in as much coffee as you want in its authentic Parsi joints. 

Nightlife to Die For

Come snow or hail, party at Mumbai never stops. Right from the moment the stars dot the sky to the time moon finally bids goodbye, the nightlife in Mumbai is dazzling enough to make anyone fall for it. There are loads of glitzy bars as well as off-beat venues to cater to people belonging to all walks of life. Some of these bars such as Beluga and Kitty Su are gloriously gilded and belong to luxury hotels in Mumbai to let you experience the best of nightlife in Mumbai.

Most Amazing Food

Mumbai has always been one of the finest hubs for foodies from all over the globe. Who needs the best restaurant deals in Mumbai when the food is simply to die for? From exclusively prepared chef menus to spicy street food, the city has something for everyone. Mumbai is an epitome of culinary delights. If you are looking for a fine blend of flavors coupled with talented chefs, the restaurants at The LaLiT Mumbai showcase a splendid range of world cuisine.  

If you truly believe in the statement, “live each day as if it’s your last”, there’s no place like Mumbai that has everything it takes for a life worth living.